Andrew Thornton Oct. Jewelry Challenge

I enjoy the surprise beads that Andrew Thornton puts together in his design Kits every month; a pre-selected set of components to create anew with.  Equally fun, is visiting the blogs of all the participants to see what amazingly unique creations people came up with using the same materials.

Unlike the first challenge I participated in where I was able to whip something up quickly, this one took longer with so much going on this last week;   Oakland’s city dramas, lots of band rehearsals for a big San Francisco concert we put on last night at the Presidio.  Whew!  Truthfully, the Muses didn’t arrive to help me finish my beady creations until this morning at around 5:30am.  😉

For this bead challenge, Andrew sent us a design kit with a ceramic bead from Keith O’Connor, a terra cotta bead from RareEarth Beads, a lampwork glass headpin from SueBeads, a gorgeous carved blue tiger’s eye round, and a luscious blue seed bead/stone/pearl blend.

Had fun making a ring, a bracelet with multi-strands of the rich luxury bead mix. And I keep making choker/necklaces that adjust from 15-17″. I’m craving owls now (Green Girl Studios).


There were also surprise mystery components including this crazy skull bead- timely for Dia de Los Muertos of course.  After giving him beady eyes and a hat w/ a crystal flower, I grounded him with blue lace agate.

Enjoy your blog hop to the other participants sites!

Tara Linda   You are Here

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

12 thoughts on “Andrew Thornton Oct. Jewelry Challenge”

  1. Your muses are kind to you! They’ve guided you to create two really stunning pieces! And the eyes and hat on the little skull bead is just so charming! Good job! You get extra bonus points for making them in the middle of a riot zone! Nicely done!

  2. ahahahaa! Riot zone; funny. And true.
    Thanks Andrew for putting in the energy to sponsor these creative forays into color & texture 😉 I will be posting pics of more pieces made from this generous kit.

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