Dia de los Muertos: Gallery, Alter, New Jewelry

This year’s El Dia de los Muertos day and alter is about change.  There is a lot going on and we’re moving very soon.  So, it is particularly timely, purging old pics and momentos; embracing but moving on.  My goal is to simplify in the year to come, literally and figuratively; I want to toss 1/2 of all I own.  For those of you close by, we’re having a garage sale this Saturday. 😉

The alter is very simple this year too.

New jewelry inspired by the colors, smells (copal!), and tastes of the day will be posted in my Etsy shop: Physalia Designs.  I had a trunk sale here last week- so am adding inventory now.  Check back for Fall & holiday sales.

New pieces feature Gaea’s special Dia de los Muertos pendants, Anne Choi 2-sided sugar skull charms, sterling and brass with Czech crystals.

Andrew Thornton original bronze  skull charms in a tasty matte gold finish, with crystals.

These are all from one of my favorite year-round Mexican folk art gallerias for all things  and Dia de Los Muertos.  Alamo Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas~

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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