New Etsy Shop~ “Physalia Designs Jewelry by Tara Linda”

New Etsy Store! Physalia Designs by Tara Linda~ unique jewelry.

Some of you may have noticed my new Jewelry Gallery page growing on this blog, and new Etsy banner on the sidebar.  For years, I’ve made jewelry- mostly for gifts.  But in recent years, I’ve focused on jewelry as talisman- making pieces with qualities that I want to carry with me when performing; stones and colors that evoke, enrich, protect, draw, & celebrate.  Since getting more requests to make pieces for others- I decided to make extra for this store.  Of course, the same Muses that inspire my music and lyrics/poetry inspire my baubles too 😉

So my new online store is called Physalia Designs jewelry by TaraLinda. I will post later about the shop name and inspiration for the the banner. I’ve been active with the on-line Etsy site since early Summer discovering the giant community of artists, especially those making pendants and ribbon- things I can incorporate into my work.  I really love supporting small businesses and independent artists in this economy, and Etsy is a great place to find gifts.

My designs change, but so far, pieces are colorful & chunky.  Because of my own skin sensitivities, I use mostly sterling silver & gold vermeil. Also shibuichi and copper.  Each piece is unique. I’ll be posting more adjustable lariats, chokers, & finer wire-wrapped pearl chains soon.

From my recent Siren Series on Etsy – inspired by the ocean Muses:

and coming soon, more Dia de Los Muertos:

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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