Here’s to Summer…

While recording & mixing between studios this Summer, I’ve gotten completely behind posting about life in between.  So I’ll do just a few before conceding to Fall.

I am beyond reluctant to see Summer go; I remain in denial, craving walking barefoot just a lil’ longer, wearing skirts a lil’ longer, more bike rides.  And finishing my album by the self-imposed deadline of “Summer” with its many-houred days.  But C’est la vie, eh? 😉

So here’s to Summer~

I’m happy for the opportunities to stop and see the poppies with friends and family passing through.

A big highlight was me Mum’s birthday visit to CA. Especially cool things about Mum…

she wears fun shades







she loves good food  😉  (best-ever corn fritters at FogCity Diner, SF).

She loves to discover a good happy hour (mojitos @ Havana’s in Alameda).

City treks with more eating…

Road trips to new places… “Jenner by the Sea”
And further north, the old logging town of Duncan Mills, Jim & Willie’s antique shop

Relaxing between celebrations,

Oh, and she test runs my new jewelry designs. 😉

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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