Finished Mixing~ 13 new songs!

Eeeeee! Just back from Texas mixing the new jazzy blues album!

SO excited to now have  13 new songs, all mixed and ready to be mastered next.  Almost an hour’s worth of music!  Woo. (Hope the producer lets me keep it all…)

It has taken awhile and much traveling between states & studios. I recorded the first 9 songs with mostly new musicians (Producer’s choice) at one of his favorite Texas studios- Gospa Records. I brought our guitar player- Az- in April/May. I thought I would record only 1 more song here in CA., but the Muses kept coming ;), so I wrote more song, picked out four, and recorded them with my CA band at two more studios here in Oaktown (Future Vintage & Wally Sound)-over the last 3 months.  I’ll post on those Muses soon.

But now- I feel both scream-out-loud exhilaration & RELIEF!! There are 2 things in the budding life of a new song that bring on this joy. The first one, the very first excitement, is to hear your song played by a full band of amazing musicians for the first time. Before that, it’s just me just singing along to just bass or uke. But when the energy of 4-5 other musicians brings a song to life- it’s pure magic. Aah! I’ve been known to bounce off walls out-of-control, squealing with glee.

The second moment of pure unadulterated joy in the life of a new song is getting to that final mix that goes on the CD/album.

All songs start out with the first energy the Muse brought, (and for me, I try to never stray far from that first spark- even going through all the next steps. )  Those next steps being:  find the producer you hope will feel your vision, find the right studio for the sound you want (with the right room, best engineer), the best musicians available.  Then you ask for certain instruments (i.e. stand-up bass or electric bass), equipment (special mics, certain amps).  Then everyone comes together, plays their hearts out for maybe 1-3 takes live (no overdubs). Then we add a few overdubs.  Pick the best takes together- and everyone goes home.  Lastly, me with either the engineer, producer, or both- fiddle with knobs & levels to dial in just right the sound we had when we played it live in the studio.

So one major milestone down- Eeeeeeeeeeee! Pure joy. ;)))))

Now off to play a show…

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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