Me Llama Llama

Driving home last week, stayed with friends in Oregon for an amazing week in the woods. Time seemed to slow so we could savor it.  All was crazy dusty hot until the last night when the weather changed suddenly, bringing the first cool winds of Fall.

and I met someone very special…

First you nuzzle and then you gnaw
the greyboard sill beneath my window.
I open my eyes to see- cabin walls, grey light,
nearly sunrise, your long furry neck and pointy
ears…or is it horns?- peering in.  I rub my eyes to see
what it is that you might be-

Don’t you sleep-in
me llama llama?

When water runs and the kettle sounds
you come running to face whoever is at the stove
ears on end, alert and waiting, staring
while we talk, dress, make ready.  Observant, patient, chewing like a camel, and smarter than a horse-
what spirit fills you
me llama llama?

By week’s end I am smitten~ your daily visits, crooked teeth,
lazy right eye, breath steaming the windows,
how you move with the shadow of our cabin.
We hear you empty the cat’s bowl again, and  smile-
tired of grass
me llama llama?

Click to see this guy- even closer!! 😉

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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