Single Purpose~ Many Muses

A new friend in the beading world recently asked me (I’ll paraphrase) “what are you doing making jewelry when you have a voice?”.  She continued, saying that I should be doing the ‘one thing’ that I’m meant to be doing based on my gift.

Single purpose.

It’s true, I am interested in a lot, as evidenced by this blog.  It may look disparate, random, multiplicitous- poems, music, jewelry, art- but it’s all still about expression.  Singing and writing music will always be my #1 love.  True, the Muses at the helm often lead me on multiple paths, but they are sisters (poetry/lyrics/song)!  I couldn’t separate them, or lock one out if I had to.  I make and wear jewelry like talismans- to protect, embody,  embolden.  Nowhere is this more useful than when opening my heart & voice to perform.  In the end- as long as the Muses keep coming & keep me productive, I’m happy.  😉

My single aim remains to try to put beauty & hope out into the world- through sound, words, spirit, pictures, and sometimes baubles.  And to soak up all the beauty around me from my fellow friends and artists.  Speaking of- I’m curious how others manage multiple creative instincts (Muses!). Do tell.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

6 thoughts on “Single Purpose~ Many Muses”

  1. Your singular aim can find many expressions – why limit yourself! I love photography and story-telling – I wouldn’t want to focus on just one thing.

  2. “My single aim remains to try to put beauty & hope out into the world -“… Let me tell you, my friend, you achieve that goal beautifully with your words, your music, your gorgeous voice, your jewelry and your lovely energy!

    I too, have many loves, and at this point music isn’t even at the top of the list – it’s taken a back seat to cooking and gardening, and I just feel lucky to be able to experience many creatively satisfying pursuits. I dabble in crafty stuff too but lately I feel most inspired when food is involved. I respect those with a singular path/purpose but that’s never been my way.

    1. Thank you so much Val- that means so much coming from you, with your giant musical being ;). You, your music have always been an inspiration. It sounds like your grounding in wonderful things. Keep cooking & posting your recipes!! I need them 😉

  3. When life resonates through our being, the beauty of its splendor must not be contained. It pours from our pores in more ways than one. Containing this, brings death; to welcome its diverse manifestation of energy- is to be alive… “It’s Alive!!” 😉

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