Steel For a Song

I know it’s odd, but I love taking pictures of construction at night.  My favorite projects are the large ones that feature pile drivers, deep pits, or mammoth equipment like cranes & earthmovers that transform a landscape in a single work shift.  But small projects are good too.

Steel for A Song

Breakfast on Main, a flurried buzz
we talk over omelets, toast & tea
of your work- construction at night.
At night!  and then I see…

          the bridge light up
torches flare, cranes lower a giant beam
to dozens below, steady waiting hands ready
to center, shouting commands in 3 tongues
heard well over turbine engine noise.

Later you speak of a video, of industry, method…
music you wanted, permissions daunting
& copyrights infringed conspire to keep the film silent.
And just then, I hear them-

the musical notes turning greys to blue, notes that color
steel reflections in moonlight, while cement pours
and hinges lock into place, a tempo emerges
from welders sparks diving into the night air.
I sing them to you, your eyes light up.
-I’ll write you a song, if you let me
photograph your work at night-

You leave smiling.

copyright. Tara Linda

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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