Summer Honey

We’ve had guests this/last week from the East Coast, so we’ve been traipsing about the Bay Area;  I’ll post pics from our SF excursions/discoveries next…

But for now, it’s back to music- rehearsing and mixing songs for the new album. Today I found out sad news; the overseas tour that I was planning for and was so excited about- has fallen completely through.  Argh!!  Absolutely crushing.  But somehow, I know the Summer will hold good and sweet…somehow.

To help me ground in this earthly hope while i continue to dream big, I’m doing 2 things, 1) writing small poems (pebbles!) for  July’s Small Stones writing prompt to keep myself celebrating the little moments in small poems, and;

2)  I’m playing with stones.  Literally; I’m making more jewelry and stocking my new store on Etsy  (Physalia Designs)-  Come visit!  And let me know what you think.  Here is my latest piece called “Summer Honey”.  It has grounding stones of carnelian, jasper, and red tiger eye, and creative sparking stones of sunstone, citrine, fire agate, and pink opal.  Plus a special fine pewter Honey Bee charm from Green Girl Studios. 😉

I’m also diving into my very first jewelry-making challenge called Long Days of Summer by The Bead Dreamer.  Based on an inspiring photo that captures what we love about Summer- we’re prompted to create a piece of jewelry to reveal on our blogs- August 13th.  I’ll be posting my photo soon.  Stay tuned~


Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

One thought on “Summer Honey”

  1. Keep on pluging Girl!! Your an Amazing Talent, take nothing on the Chin!!
    Your right as Rain, with a voice like a Songbird……..
    Your Jewelry creations are Beautiful!!!

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