The Past in Pearls

The past is never where you think you left it. Creative endeavors in pearl jewelry.

“The Past is Never where you Think you Left it.”
Kathrine Anne Porter

I love the irony and humor of this one.  multiple meanings. Despite our best intentions, illusions stay illusory 🙂

Something is in the air now that feels nostalgic. It’s moving through creatively in a way  that feels like honoring the past in a positive way. A celebration, a remembering, or a reminiscing of sorts. Maybe it’s more a time & a place (not necessarily mine) caught in sepia toned photos in a far off place, or spinning on vinyl while you unfold the lace of a tucked away keepsake.

This last song I’m writing, Havana Honeysuckle (Una Noche Dulce), has me listening to early  Latin jazz- before my time, but somehow sweetly familiar. It makes me want to slip back for just one night- all dressed up, (pearls anyone?), ready to dance, and sipping the drink that’s all the rage. 😉

Last week we recorded percussion, bass, scratch vocals for this new song.  Up next, this weekend- guitar, vocals. It sounds like Portishead goes to Cuba, with my jazz noire spin.

And the jewelry inspired by this same energy also salutes the past, like the Majorca pearl necklaces my grandma wore, with those very visual, tasty, pearl colors named ‘almond, sabre, Tahitian, mocha.’ But this era, I’ll string the pearls on sterling wire links- choker length, or longer, with charms or pendants.










And I got my first custom orders for jewelry last week (yay!!!) – 2 matching bracelet & earring sets. Here are the bracelets. (I forgot to photograph the earrings…)

I called these mocha creme; sunstone, red tiger eye squares, pearls, and photo drop center beads on copper & sterling.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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