Keep Going! (Follow your Dreams)

Enlightened and Inspiring Oakland graffiti art.

I had one of those moments about a week ago- when you’re walking, absorbed in thought, only to look up and see just the thing you need to see in that second.

I was off to get my mail.  The day had started badly.  An art venue called me to book music, and when I asked about pay- to decide how big of a band to bring- they  said “Oh sorry, we only pay the artists.”   I wanted to scream.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard these words from gallery owners.  What shocks me is the fine line they so righteously draw between what IS and ISN’T art.  And how music is considered to be… what, so low brow that it isn’t worthy of pay?  And the confidant ignorance with which that view is held.   They have no idea how much work it takes to get music to your ears and to the stage; songs must be written, I have to find the right people to play them.  I pay them, book shows. I record CDs at studios, pay the engineers, distribute the music in stores, online, and do all the marketing, etc.   Not worthy of pay, eh?   It was hard to even find words to respond to her.  I just told her “Like good art, good music is worth the pay. Believe me. Good luck finding your free music.”

That- and a comment a  family member had made that day- that showed they still don’t support the idea of me making music for a living.  It feels awful not to have the moral support of family. Living as an artist is rewarding at times, but the most difficult way I’ve ever tried to survive.  Snide comments from family don’t help.  Not all family feels this way, but most.

So I was feeling a combo of glass fragility and mild rage when I looked up to see this;

Yah!  Rock symbol, eye contact and all!!  This stopped me fast.  The message by itself might have seemed a canned inspiration.  But presented by this art punk looking me in the eye, really said to me,  “Wake up!  Dust off & keep going.  No one said it would be easy.”

Thank you PKR!  (& Thank you  Peggy Daly for documenting this spot so timely).

The reason I didn’t post this right away, was because when I went back to photograph it the next day- it was gone. The contractor had taken it down.  But no worries, the next day, there were 2 more in its place.   Invade &   “Fight Banks”!  😉    It took me a week to find Peggy’s photo stream.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

4 thoughts on “Keep Going! (Follow your Dreams)”

  1. The graffiti was right… follow your dreams. I’ve learned that for everyone who says that you can’t do, there are at least half a dozen more that say you can. I believe in you and I think that you should very much KEEP GOING!

  2. Tara, I found this through Andrew’s blog and I have to say you have a beautiful voice! And as far as your family not supporting your desire to make music for a living – well, just remember that who you are is sufficient enough for the purpose of satisfying your dreams and your desires without their approval!! So yes, keep going and follow your dreams…..

  3. Hi Kim~ thanks for stopping by; I really appreciate your words- you’re right- it’s what we’ve become that should keep us in motion- nothing else matters. I made a necklace to celebrate just this very thing… will post when i get back from recording 😉
    Best to you!!

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