Spring Gems

I call this one “What doesn’t Kill you- has the Last Laugh.”

Writing and recording the new album has been all consuming the last coupla months- blissful and stressful both.  The sugar skulls are having the the last laugh, reminding me “its only music, beauty, …the stuff of life.”  😉

I’m not keen on the color pink, and of course nearly everything blooming in the neighborhood now is pink or some such. From ground cover to trees.  Pink.  That must mean that I’m meant to see it now, explore my extreme distaste for it.  Pink.  Ergh.

I’ll start by seeing it next to black.  Everything is more beautiful next to black, yes?  The stones nearest the pendant are rhodonite.  I love the black veins running through this stone.  The large squares are cherry quartz.  Other stones- lava rounds, and rose quartz.  Sterling silver clasp and pewter skull pendant and rose and sugar skull beads by Green Girl Studios.   I’ll make another that features similar stones with rose themed pendants and beads.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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