East Bay Recording Sessions-

Woo-hoo! I’m now 99% finished recording 12 songs for my new CD.  The SF/Oakland sessions this weekend were intensely packed & fast-moving working on 6 tunes.  In the studio we tracked 3 new songs and did overdubs for 3 others with friends/bandmates.   Check out the view from the New Future Vintage studio deck~  This must have been taken the one second that it stopped raining yesterday. 😉

I’m so excited by all the new songs I CAN”T STAND IT!   I sense somehow the start of something new. 

Ron Guensche was our Engineer working his magic at the speed of… light- ha!  Bassman Paul Eastburn laid it way down on the jazz ballads (thank you Paul!).

“Dreaming Tigers” is my first Indian-tinged tune written in India years ago about being followed into the jungle forest by a curious tiger ;).   Another song i mentioned in my last post-  “I’d cross any bridge for you”- is my coolest song and could pass as alt pop- on ukuleles (Thank you Steven;).  Sounds crazy, I know;  i can just hear you asking “how can a uke song be cool?!”  But I promise you, it’ll be cool.  Jeff Hobbs recorded beautiful violin on Muse’s Tango (yay Jeff!).

And the last song we recorded yesterday is my first bossa nova.  Since guitar player friend- Jose Alvarez- was passing through town, we wrote that one quickly.   I had the chorus hook in my head, and he wrote the verses, transitions.  (Thank you Jose!)  Workin’ on fun lyrics for it now.   The only instrument stuff left to record is some percussion w/ drummer beast Rafa.  Then I’m back to Texas in April to finish vocals & start mixing.

Sat. night- I had a sweet gig w/ new music bud Steven Strauss.  We actually made up 3 new songs on set! (which I hope i can remember…).   What can I say… his playing inspires me to make things up while singing.  Good stuff. I pretty much just passed out last night from it all, but not before taking a long-awaited creative break- making some new baubles.  “Hello jewelry Muses.  Come hang out for a while…”

I’ll post those pics tomorrow 😉

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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