Muse’s~ stay close…

Muses! Stay close…we’re almost done… Only 2 songs to go for my recording project this weekend!

Oh man…i have the last 2 songs for my Cd to finish up tonight/tomorrow a.m. to send the musicians who will be recording them this weekend! Lucky for me, they are pros and will dial them in just right, I’m sure.  But I need to jam on them now!!!!!

Before I dog myself too badly- yes, they are late, but I did finish up a hard one last night and I’m really happy with it.   “I’d cross any bridge for you” is a sweet number (sweet as in a Major key- LOL!!) about one of my first dates here in the SF Bay area.  So it feels good to have  spilled all that bottled up pure joy from a date- 5 years ago?- into this particular song.  The poem needed time to find the right tune 😉

“1 star for you and 2 for me/how we wander aimlessly/  Across this city of  gazillion lights by the sea- oh.

You take a ferry, I’ll take a train/ don’t see the fog, can’t feel the rain.  Heart beats faster but i don’t know why.

You might be far away.  All the way across the bay~  But tonight, I’ll cross any bridge for you.”

Muses- stay close; we’re almost done.  Just one bossa nova, and the lyrics for one Indian tigress song- to go…

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

One thought on “Muse’s~ stay close…”

  1. how wonderful to know that the muses are blessing you with the inspiration for beautiful music to share with us.
    Hugs to you

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