“Best Debut CD’s of 2010- Tortilla Western Serenade” #6

my new CD “Tortilla Western Serenade” got selected on the Best of chart~ Best of Freeform American Roots Chart for

#6 Debut Album of 2010- Tortilla Western Serenade.


Just found out that my new Americana CD got selected on this chart~ Best of Freeform American Roots Chart for

#6 Debut Album of 2010- Tortilla Western Serenade.

Woo… fun surprise!

With the New Year 2011, I confess, I felt a tinge of bittersweet emotion, even melancholy.  2010 was a big year; I put so much time & energy into reaching one sweet goal, one that yielded so much creative joy, so many unknowns, partnerships, & fruitfulness, that I’m still savoring.  There was this nagging question as the clocks turned a new year… “how can 2011 come close?”

My goal this last year was to create something new- a sound I don’t hear; a collection of songs in a “new genre” I called Tortilla Western (spaghetti western meets Tex-Mex)- with strong female attitude running thru it.  (We need more of all that ;!)   But it was the music (or the Muses?)  that guided me, that decided what the theme would be;  I just noticed a pattern.  After the first 3 songs, it all became a journey to savor places, people, and dramas (literal & figurative) as I traveled stomping grounds of my Southwest upbringing from California, Arizona, to Texas.  Each song was a story; and each story told in a different rhythmic form- haupango, bolero, waltz/ranchera, cumbia.  (inner drummer just can’t stop exploring those rhythms…:)    I learned lots, working with such fine musicians in magical cool places along the way. 

The project finished mid year 2010.  To promote it- solo & w/ the band- we toured Northern California, China, Texas, the Southwest.

This “Best of FAR (free form American Roots) chart is put together by DJs who actually pick their own music- in the US & Europe- so, what an honor to wind up in the mix.  I admit, I have a small problem celebrating successes along the way, kinda like not noticing the roses blooming…  Maybe it’s upbringing, or…constant cultural pressure to keep the horizon in sight.  Or maybe its just the grit of survival.  😉 But i’m celebrating this one, and the journey that got me here. Thankfully my friends remind me too…

It’s all about the journey.          

Savoring the journey, one dream at a time- start to finish. Happily, performing now w/ my bandmates is such a joy; show & tell.

This picture shows my sweetest performing minute of 2010;  playing next to El Maestro Flaco Jimenez.  A dream.  He is the most gracious, kind, selfless, accomplished, musician (legend!) ever. And thank you Hohner & Gilbert for planting seeds, and supporting this dream from the start.

And maybe that’s it…why the new year felt a lil blue; I’m in love with the journey of creating and putting it out there, but this year isn’t starting off with the same intense passion.   No matter.  Either way, I never know how the Muses will play it out.  Looking back, before the cd TWS was off the presses, the Muses had me by the tail again- generously inspiring more, and completely different songs & genre.  It’s like being used as a conduit.  I just have to keep my antennae up, stay open, stay out of the way- and serve.

So to you, Sweet Muses- I toast your presence and the mysterious ways you show your graces,   Here’s to the journey, the cool DJs that take time to find new music, sweet friends/fans, and the unexpected places we could wind up in 2011.   😉

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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