Singing across the Southwest

JUST home from an amazing month-long Southwestern tour to promote new music Tortilla Western Serenade, & the 2011 Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar/CD.

JUST home from an amazing month-long Southwestern tour to promote new music Tortilla Western Serenade, & the 2011 Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar/CD.  I wish it was easier for me to post real-time from the road.  But it felt good to post pics (cactus, friends, mountain shadows…)  from phone to Facebook this time, at least ;).   Doing more takes service (phone & computer), stable connections, and being in one place longer than the drive-eat-play-sleep-drive routine.  And things stayed busy. (yay!!)

This music tour across the southwestern US was amazing, exhilarating,  humbling, exhausting.  This time, I traveled without the band, but With my trusty publicist-roadman-hubby~ JT ;).  I played small venues, visited family & friends all along the way, & managed to detour often enough to make it a true vacation. (!) 







We started out from Oakland, drove South to the Palm Desert, CA., across south central Arizona, New Mexico, up to Colorado, and back thru Utah, Arizona, Nevada & Cali.  It was endlessly fascinating- passing thru dozens of habitats, thru mostly rural areas, vistas & mesas (from hot deserts to 20 below-), meeting cool new fans, making art community, & hanging w/ family.  I actually started earlier in Texas, but came home before leaving again.  (Can i include Texas in the Southwest panorama…? 😉

Growing up in Arizona & Texas, and returning to certain places, especially the desert, is always grounding & exhilarating. I just can’t get enough of the endless American frontier– thousands of miles of open space (Buffalo!), magnanimous blue skies- and all the potential in all that space- just makes me feel like I can breathe like NO where else (even if its hot air 😉 it holds everything. plus.

It seems no matter how many times i travel across the desert, I feel all over again- both the presence of the first People who thrived here, and what the first pioneers must have akwardly felt in their early travels.  The West is still wild in so many places and ways, especially in towns that lay barren & windblown- waiting, where time is truly suspended (more on that later).

Highlights of this trip:  new poems/songs, dancing ravens, small towns that spoke their past in volumes, Ute Indian led tour in Southern Colorado, new friends…

Muy rico…I’ll post more as I download pics.

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

One thought on “Singing across the Southwest”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful journey, Linda! Gorgeous pics! I too, grew up in the desert and always feel like a bit of my soul resides there no matter where I am. It really is a magical place!

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