New Tara Linda t-shirt~ La Calavera

New Tara Linda t-shirts with a fun, skeleton girl playing accordion dancing across the desert.

I’m getting ready to hit the road for a month for my Southwest “Thank you Americana Radio” tour of shows and radio spots across AZ, NM, Colorado, and I’m excited to have NEW t-shirts designed by John Tinger!  Eeeeee- How cool are these!!!

I like how I could just tell him what I was envisioning, (a calaveras cowgirl, dancing across the desert, playing and singing without a care).  JT listened patiently, and with only a small bit of resistance (“La Calavera?! Why do you want that!?” -LOL!), he came up with *exactly* what I wanted. 😉

Thank you JT ~ (check out his batiks), his usual expertise, but he also painted my first album’s cover of a mermaid playing accordion on the rocks, and he’s just an around sweet cool artist!

So, on the road, we will have t-shirts in 2 colors, girls & guys, dark grey and plum. American Apparel.   This is the early design.  The final ones have a very cool Hohner Accordions Corona crown insignia on the girl’s accordion. 😉

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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