Mandala Lights~ The Jade Buddha

Mandala Orbs around the Jade Buddha in Sacramento in October, rare and beautiful.

I recently saw something cool and unusual.  Called different names by different people: Mandala lights, Flowers From Heaven, Mandala Orbs, Tigle~ white spheres of diffuse light that suddenly filled the night sky.

I came to Sacramento to be with my best bud who was having major surgery the next day.  The night before, she told me about a special exhibit in town that I should try to catch before I left, called the “The Jade Buddha”.  Said to be traveling the world as a symbol of universal peace “for everyone, irrespective of religion, to take a moment to reflect upon peace; peace for the world; peace in their relationships; peace for their families and friends; peace at work; peace in their mind”, the giant jade Buddha is on a world tour of sorts.

We went to dinner late and on the way back, we actually passed the exhibit at a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple off Alta Arden.  From the road you could see the large green statue; well-lit, and bright green- it seemed to almost glow from the lights.  We stopped to check it out.  It was quite large- around 4 feet high, majestic and royal,  exquisite in detail with a gold-leafed face, and a large sheltering Bodhi leaf behind it.  Lots of flowers, and overflowing offering bowls filled the space around the alter- floor to statue.  The crowd of about 30 Vietnamese seemed excited about something.  I started taking pictures, close-ups of the Buddha and of the Temple.

A man started telling us about the “snow” that is seen sometimes around the statue; to take lots of pictures.  I did, maybe 20.  “Focus” he kept saying. Around this time a monk, who must have wondered why I was standing there listening, took my camera from me and began taking pictures with it 😉  I thought this was funny.  Everyone was just so excited. And then a Vietnamese nun came and showed me her pictures through her viewfinder.  In the sky around the statue, there were 2-4 irridescent spheres.  “Tigle!” I said.  She was excited by my reaction “you know!?  You must concentrate, and take pictures now.”

so I moved back from the people and the excitement.  Closed my eyes and thought of my friend, how she needed extra help tomorrow. “Please… help her through this…”  I thought.  “Make it easier for her, with less pain & quick healing.”  I started taking pictures.

And then I got these.













And the next moment, they were gone.

Another girl was there taking pics the same time as me, (although it seemed we all were); she too had similar pictures.  She said that the Vietnamese call them “Flowers from Heaven.”  I like how when you look at them, inside them, you can see concentric rainbows, shapes, and symbols.  In one, I see what looks like a photo of a child…

Some say the Mandala orbs are special because they  occur around holy sites, have a special meaning, and are rare.  People from all religions describe them as happening at holy places and special times; on Native Indian reservations, European Pagan lands, and circulating the monasteries of Tibet.Some say the Mandala Orbs are just dust.  Caught with a flash of light.  (You didn’t  see them with the naked eye).  All i know is that the people around us that night were especially sweet, humble, and kind.  My friend’s procedure went fine and she is healing, and for at least a week now, I’ve felt more buoyant and content than before.

Others have posted their pics here

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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