Reckless Creativity ~ Quotes by Dean Young

Reckless Creativity. Inspiring quotes~ Dean Young

I’m loving Dean Young‘s book~

“The Art of Recklessness:  Poetry as Assertive Force and Contradiction.”  2010. Graywolf Press.

Some quotes…

“Poetry mitigates just as fire does, by witnessing its own necessary recklessness and senses of the sacred, its ability to combust the ancillary, to grow and make everything itself…with ash, with death.”  Dean Young.

“Our poems are what the gods couldn’t make without going through us.”  Dean Young.

“To cultivate fire is to perpetually gather fuel, sometimes to reconceive what is fuel. While poetry perpetually examines its own means, it must also move outside itself else it burn pale, offer only a redundant twilight on a cloudy day…” Dean Young.

I’m loving his words now…
How he so radically reminds us that we should take serious risk with our art, (Or what’s the point!?), be reckless in all the ways we serve the Muses, burn ourselves up in this great re-creative process, over and over.

This all hits the spot today;  I’m a little burnt out on the minstrel’s trail but must keep going, & the clouds are hovering low today…

Author: tara linda

musician, poet, art and jewelry-maker

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